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Being single isn't easy, whatever anyone says, and its always nice to read about other people's views on the dating game. We write from the heart because we want to share our general views on being single in our modern world.

Successful Dating

Dating is an art. Most of us want to win something. Our mindset is such that we believe that by trying to get something or somebody, we will get it. How about reversing the mindset and seeing the results? Think of yourself as the most desirable object. Think of yourself in positive terms. Don't overdo this.

When you make yourself as the desirable object, you go in to a different mindset. You don't want to win, but you want to be won. You are throwing a challenge to others. Here I am. Let me see who can win me. You will find a new confidence in you and you will also be surprised by the results. People of opposite sex you wanted to date desperately, will request you for one. Make yourself wanted. But as said before, don't overdo it. Don't let people call you a proud person who is not bothered about others. They should think of you as a very desirable person. That is the key.

Dating Dating Dating

Looking For The Perfect Date

We have our concept of perfect dating. We all have our preferences in dating. There are few things, we love and few that we hate. In dating Sometimes, people draw a list of what all they must have in their dating partner. If he is ok in everything, but has bad table manners, he is not for me. She is perfect except that when she laughs, it looks somewhat weird.

Do you also think like this? Then you may never get your perfect date. To avoid falling in this trap, do one thing. Before you reject somebody, ask that person about his/her conception of the perfect partner and find out where all you score on that card. That will open your eyes about dating. You want a perfect partner, but you yourself are not perfect.

Rather than searching for perfection, search for somebody you think will make you feel good and reciprocal in dating. As nobody is perfect on this earth, you have to make compromises. Don't compromise on major issues, but minor ones that can always be ignored. There is no formula for a perfect relationship except deep understanding. Don't search for perfection. Search for an understanding partner for dating.

Ideas For Couples To Have A Memorable Dating Together

- Go on a trek. Pack a lunch, and leave early in the morning. Just the two of you trekking in the nearby hills. Have lots of conversations and enjoy quality time together.
- Theme parks are fun. Why don't both of you go to one? It will be really fun to enjoy all the rides together, especially the roller-coasters. Have a super day.
- Evening time and nothing to do? Rent some of your favorite movies, arrange for popcorn and fruit punch, and watch the movies together. Switch off your phone, so that no one disturbs you.
- How about preparing dinner together at home? This will be fun for both of you. Be lavish. Prepare a 3-4 course meal and arrange the table perfectly, as if you were in a nice hotel. Candle-light will enhance the ambience.
- Sign up for a dance class. Salsa is best for couples. Dancing will increase the proximity between both of you and ensure that you have a great time.
- Go for a beach trip together. If possible, go to a less crowded beach and just bask in the sun or enjoy a swim in the ocean.
- A long car drive, with good music playing is certainly a cool activity. If you have a open sports car, it will be all the more fun.

Who Should Call After The First Date?

You had a good date. You enjoyed each other and laughed on jokes. You were both interested in each other and it seemed that both of you wanted to carry forward after the first date. Your date told you that he/she might call you again in a day or two. That call did not come. What should you think about it? What should you do?

Most of us get irritated about the promise that was not kept. We do not know what to do? Whether to wait or forget the date? This is a problem, because you liked the guy/girl and want to further the relationship.

Before you jump to conclusions and get irritated, think about the other person. He/she might have got a problem. Or he/she might be thinking about what is in your mind? He/she may not be sure about how his/her phone call will be responded with and may be hesitant about calling you.

There may be many reasons that are possible. Why not call and find out yourself? Most of you let go many opportunities because somebody did not call back in time. Why not stop thinking negatively and become proactive. Call up and find out.

Are You Frustrated With Your Date?

So, you are going steady with someone for some time now and dating him/her regularly. Slowly it dawns on you that both of you are not the right match. Your instinct tells you that you are right. But you are not able to gather the strength to tell your steady about this. You would rather continue hoping for the best rather than facing the reality and breaking to start afresh. Still you are not doing it. It sounds surprising, isn't it? But many people carry on with relationships that are going nowhere. They want to delay the inevitable to delay the pain. This does not work because the pain increases over time. What should be done? The answer is obvious. Sit with your steady date and talk it out.

Why do many people continue with relationships that are going nowhere? First, they are worried about the pain of the process of breaking away. Secondly, they don't want their time spent together go waste and begin afresh with someone else. You wasted your six months or a year, and you have nothing except failure to show for that, maybe a common lament. Third - what if the next date turns out to be worse? Dating that is going nowhere frustrates.

The only solution is to make a clean break. Forget the past as soon as possible and begin with a positive frame of mind. The one change you need to bring in this is before becoming steady with one person - date many. Don't be in a hurry to decide about who you will be dating regularly. Your next date may turn out to be far better than yesterday's. Therefore date few and then think about who may be proper to go forward with. Carrying the past failure in mind will result in more waste of time in regrets. Clean the slate and go ahead with the hope of finding the best. Have no fear that what happened may repeat. The law of probability may rather go in your favor.
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